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We recently moved our accounting system from MYOB to Saasu. What a great move. Our whole team has been so empowered by the ability to play with our numbers in the sky.

With the stress, expense and big learning curve of moving to the cloud we are looking at doing it again. Of course we are!

This move will be cloud to cloud and we are anticipating that it will go very smoothly. Using the five Ps (prior proper preparation prevents piss poor performance) oops make that 7, we are putting together an integrated step by step plan to make sure we have all our ducks in a row.

Currently we have 3 Saasu installations (Australia, Canada and the USA). We are also in the process of moving our shopping carts from shopify to another cloud based shopping cart. The end goal is to have an integrated and easy to manage enterprise system.

Wish us luck. If you have any questions about the why’s and wherefores drop us a comment.

First step a bit of research. Below are links and video clips to get our journey started.



Our web developer Jason has just refreshed my brain on what is actually happening on the magento front. Here is what has been done. Looks like I had my head too far in the clouds, again. Here are the facts from Jason.

I didn’t end up using the Cart to cart, but wrote my own small program to format the Shopify data and this extension to import–xml

So now can do it for any cart migration without a 3rd party

Magento Community Edition isn’t specifically a cloud product, Magento do provide Magento Go as there software as a service cloud product, where they have it installed on their own setup and manage updates ect.

In simplest terms cloud really is just multiple servers that appear as one. We are setting up on a traditional single server.

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  1. Greg says:

    Another bit of exciting news from Jason T.

    I have confirmed with that we can filter data from Magneto setup to multiple XERO accounts using the CTO extensions, it actually was not possible till this month.

    However it does require a CTO account for each XERO account, first account is £19.99 per month additional accounts are £14.99 per month.

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