Birth of Broth Boy

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Another brain explosion in the Shed this week. It’s hard for your mind not to wander a bit as you work your way through the bones of a couple of steers and boars.

I started to refer to myself as Broth Boy to Alison and the Girls as I worked my magic on our growing collection of slow cookers.

What started off as a bit of a pun quickly turned to mmmmm maybe I should register a few domain names. Which I am hoping will be complete by the time I finish the Blog Post. Picked up and and come on baby.

What are we going to do with another website, business or brand? Fire, Ready, Aim… not sure yet but I can smell a winner. Check out these trends.

And a few more Bone Broth Brain Explosions

“We’ve got a bone to pick for you”
“Speak to me Bones”
“Both Boy Born in Byron Bay”

[email protected] registered.

Andrew and Brad nailed and

Dang it someone has instagram brothboy
Got this though

And with a few more likes we should get a facebook page.


Taking Aim.

This is a great article that came up when I was doing some research on manufacturing.

On the hunt for a potential food grade kitchen to start producing while we figure out a plan to have our own kitchen and shop.

What is going on in the world of Broth?


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