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Finding just the right things to say when you first meet someone is dosh darn important. Websites home pages are allot like that first meeting. When your website meets the google bot you want to make sure it’s a good meeting and you say all the right things.

When it comes to SEO silence is not golden. If your homepage is graphic and image heavy with no copy for the bots to digest they will burp and move on.

So how do you decide what to say? It depends on your audience. Just like what you say when you first meet someone depends on many things: age, sex, location, time of year and lots of other less obvious things.

Let’s pull on our boots and have a look at a project I am helping out on for one of businesses in Canada–Australian Boot Company.

Here is a Google Trends analysis I have boot strapped together.

Another Trend on the trend of unplugged coffee which we are fond of…

This is a real good look at our niche coffee market…love the power of these stats..

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