What time of day do you have the most traffic/sales on your website?

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Andrew Bleakley our head geek asked me to find answers to this question for our business Espresso Unplugged: What time of day do you have the most traffic/sales on your website? Or should I say questions?

I replied to Andrew’s question with the questions why do you want to know and what will you do with that informtion?

His Answer I don’t know but I know you like to figure stuff like this out so go figure it out Crommy.

Look what I found in five minutes.


Time to implement. Oh where does time go?

Might just have a go at doing this in our analytics account first.

  • Traffic Sources => Overview => Hourly (inside the line graph)

It took me about an hour but I have configured my first custom report in google analytics. Most of the time was spent trying to keep my 5 different gmail accounts from fighting with each other.


Time of Day Report


Plenty of logic here. No surprises. Power up from about 6 am and slow down by 10 pm. Classic Bell Curve.

Day of Week Report

Friday’s and Saturday’s stand out as slow times. The rest of the days are pretty equal based on the categories measured in this report.


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