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You can have the best content and images put together with award winning design and come off flat footed.

A website’s Graphical User Interface (GUI), in my opinion, is all about the navigation. After making that statement I sought validity via a few strategic google searches to put forward my case for some refinements to a website development for one of our customers (and a business I helped start).

The read above offers reference to deeper geeking like this article on your information architecture.

Getting The Website Information Architecture Right: How to Structure Your Site for Optimal User Experiences

So what does all this mean? How do you do the do to make your website more successful in terms of helping your prospective customers find what they want?

Below are a series of screen grabs that show what you see when you roll over the main navigation of

Note that the most important and from heat map research visited parts of the navigation do not have sub-navigation fly outs. Why? I’ll take the blame for it because the main navigation did not originally contain the links to our 3 product lines.

So how to resolve in an elegant effective manner?

Over to Andrew Bleakley our seo, shopping cart and all things web expert. My suggestion is to grab the sub-navigation flyouts that already exist when you hoover over the Shop element on the far left. Simply add the assocaited categories that already exisit for Blundstone, RM Williams and Glerups.

Further refinements would be to create 3 locations in the location section instead of two.

Toronto-Queen St West

Toronto-Yonge Street (North Toronto)

Vancouver-West 4th


For the Service sub navigation a bit of downsizing so it all fits on one line.

All navigation elements should look like this.


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