Blundstone 25 Years in Canada

Proud to be working with this great brand in Canada for the last 20 years from Australia. More to come on our Bush history with Australian Boots. Great job on this video Tim Stacey. Nice to see James Dawson and Greg Cromwell’s (1:41-1:44) cameo on Vancouver Island from the video we shot last year. Here is a link to the whole Blundstone video shot by Jake Taylor for Bush Branding & Marketing.

Dabbling in Dibb

Good carpenters never blame their tools. Same should apply to digital development agencies. Choosing which tools to use is always a hard decision. We are giving dibb a Bush Bash to see if it’s worth the price. Having a go at the Free version first and putting our own website to the test.

Which brings me to another saying or should I say proverb.

Shoemaker’s Children.

Looks like we need are living the proverb*


There is an old proverb about a shoemaker who was busy making shoes for his customers. However, he was so busy keeping them happy that his wife and children went shoeless. The moral of the story is that we should not neglect ourselves or those around us (our families or staffs) while we care for others.