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Here is what we are working on now. Not on this list is updating our “Portfolio” page.


espressounplugged.com.au-shopify, magento2
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Porter Lake
Cromwell Farms

Community Work



Porter Lake
Espresso Unplugged

The copy below says what we do (it’s really a bit boring and sounds like advertising agency waffle..oops did I write it?   I prefer you spend your time checking out what we do for a living. If you have not clicked on the work above please do that now.


At Bush Marketing we feel it is a small world and it moves fast. We are always looking for new trends, ways to produce new brands and marketing techniques all while working to insure the success of exciting ventures within the entrepreneurial world. We truly enjoy taking on challenges and making something out of nothing on a daily basis. Our creative team at Bush Marketing think differently than the average individual and it’s something we take great pride in. Our efforts, knowledge and experience with over two thousand projects allows our team to build your brand efficiently and effectively. There is a good chance our marketing passion combined with our extensive brand creation and regeneration will give you a head start or help your brand to become exactly what you want it to be. If you like what you see within our vast and unique portfolio please take the next step and contact one of our clients to find out exactly what working with Bush Marketing can do for your brand.

Blundstone Canada

What we did: Blundstone Canada This was our fifth kick at the can with blundstone.ca. We got to build the first site back in 2002 and have done a redesign every other year. We are particularly [...]


What we did: Rockpool Using a cooking metaphor the Bush team was asked back in late 2008 to clean up the kitchen after a massive feast had been prepared. Rockpool had a lovely new website [...]

Invanity Shave

What we did: IVANiTY SHAVE Ivan Rusev is a young Australian entrepreneur with a family history and personal interest in skin care. Looking to enter the industry he looked at the modern shave [...]


What we did: Gpaedia GPaedia is a pilot project  undertaken by the University of Tasmania aimed at exploring the capacity of web 2.0 tools to enhance learning, sharing, collaboration and [...]

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