What we did: Blundstone Canada

This was our fifth kick at the can with blundstone.ca. We got to build the first site back in 2002 and have done a redesign every other year. We are particularly fond of our latest and likely last**effort which combines plenty of movement with flash animations and a hard working back-end that lets our client manage all aspects of the site. The search engine optimization work we have done over the last decade continues to deliver double digit growth in targeted visitors.

** Greg is the cofounder of Blundstone Canada (as well as Australian Boot Company, Tinshack and El Naturalista Canada) with his mates Ian, Tim and Jim. The bush team has worked on all the sites and loved the steady work over the years; however, it was time for my partners to have a fresh pair of hands or is that feet to work with that did not live so far away.

visit: blundstone.ca


Project Manager Greg
Design Nighean

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