What we did: Gpaedia

GPaedia is a pilot project  undertaken by the University of Tasmania aimed at exploring the capacity of web 2.0 tools to enhance learning, sharing, collaboration and communication in the General Practice community. GPaedia is for members only, and its design is underpinned by a philosophy of member control and contribution to content and as such is very participative and interactive. A repository of learning and teaching resources is a key component of GPaedia and is open for contributions by all its members. Communication and collaboration is based on a networking framework and is facilitated by various tools that enable personal communication and the formation and independent management of groups.


Project Manager Greg
Development Jason Ferris / Jason Turnbull

Client team review by
Debbie Fabian
(School of Medicine | University of Tasmania)

Jason Ferris – You did a great job with your contributions to defining and shaping GPaedia in the early stages – you have a great creative mind and a keen acumen for designing with fitness for purpose. Many a convivial time was had with you and I enjoyed working with you very much.

Jason Turnbull – Your significant skills are clear.  You have responded to all communications and requests very promptly and executed all tasks to a high level of professionalism and with a friendly and obliging attitude. I have very much appreciated  your willingness and you have been very easy to work with.

Greg Cromell – Ever the one to smooth the waters and bring things together. You have gathered together a great team and clearly have an ability to spot talent and work out collaborations that “sing” – a sign of a true entrepreneur. I think time with bears in the woods does you well

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